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About Sustainable Work

Are you in the second half of life? Do you want to make a difference?

You are not alone. One quarter of our peers - over 25 million people between 45 and 70 - plan to start a small business or nonprofit in the next few years.

As experienced workers of all kinds, we bring knowledge, know-how, and networks to the world. We can work alone or together but in the end we can solve problems and make the world a better place for our communities and those who follow.

Sustainable Work, essays and interviews welcome you to the world of entrepreneurship in the second half of life:

Start Small - Ease into entrepreneurship without breaking the bank.
Start Smart - What you REALLY need to understand.
Start Right Now - Launch, test, learn. Now.

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Making a difference is ageless

Just a few of the inspiring interviewees in the book Sustainable Work.