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Common Yellowthroat

    Having loved an artist all of my adult life, she's convinced me we're all artists.

    I am not trying to take the best photographs. The world is rich in great photographers.

    I'm trying to tell myself a story about dinosaurs. I left my dinosaur obsession somewhere in early youth under other pressures, but the flame stayed lit. Now we have all this great paleontology linking our birds to their origins and life among us as dinosaurs.

    Colorful, sentient, creative, hard-working, child-rearing, cantankerous, collaborative, endlessly interesting dinosaurs are living all around us. I'm reminding myself of a story I continue to love.

    My camera was a gift from my family. They equipped me with what they thought I needed and they were right. It is a Canon EOS Rebel T3i. I use a 55-250mm lens with image stabilization. I shoot using automatic settings in sport mode which allows rapid fire photos. I crop final photos and lightly use automatic correction settings in Photoshop.

    The greatest gift of all is to be able to stand still and shut up, sharing the songs and earning the trust of dinosaurs.

    If that's art, I'm in.

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