Rick awarded Chrysler’s
Significant Contributor to Environmental Excellence Award

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Above, Dr. Dieter Zetche, CEO of Chrysler, rewards our patents and designs with Chrysler’s global “Significant Contributor to Environmental Excellence” Award.

According to Chrysler Kokomo we dramatically reduced oil and water use, while greatly improving health and safety conditions for their workers. Green manufacturing creates profits and sustainability. Thank you Chrysler. Proud to be your partner.

  • At the Chrysler transmission plant in Kokomo, the environmental impact of installing our inventions... “has been tremendous.” Before, he said, smoke poured from furnaces as they burned off the oil clinging to parts after they'd been washed. “We don't have that anymore.” Quoting Heat treating Manager Bob McCulley - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  • Tom LaSorda, Executive Vice President for Manufacturing (now President) of Chrysler was shown our technologies. He stated that he was “very impressed with the unit’s impact on ergonomics, environmental and safety”. - Chrysler PQI Magazine

  • At this one facility alone, our patents continue to skim and capture tens of thousands of gallons of highly engineered quench oil every year, that used to be lost as wastewater.

    Improved environmental performance at this facility yielded a YEARLY payback over $206,000 through greatly reduced purchases of new oil and dramatically reduced water use.

    Going green equals fast black ink!

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