Two time winner, Wisconsin
Governor’s New Product Award

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Former US Secretary of Health and Human Services, Governor Tommy Thompson presents our first Governor’s New Product Award in 1999.

Our 2004 Governor’s New Product Award was cited for First Place, Best Of State for small businesses. Presented by Dale Swenson, P.E. Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Thank you Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers!


  • I love innovation and new products. They are the heart and soul of growing economies.

  • I co-founded and helped lead a firm that won the Wisconsin Governor’s Small Business New Product of the Year Award twice, each time for new inventions we turned into profitable new products.

  • This award is given to the most innovative new products in the State of Wisconsin. It is awarded yearly by the Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers. I believe we are the only firm that has been awarded this honor twice.

  • This is what the Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers says about their Governor’s New Product Award: “New and improved products stimulate the life and growth of our country. The purpose of the Governor's New Product Award's program is to recognize the full spectrum of benefits that come from the research and engineering of new products. These include added employment, economic development, strengthening of the nation's competitive position internationally and contribution to the public's standard of living.”

  • The first Wisconsin New Product award, (2 patents), came in 1999 when our award was presented by former US Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson, who was Wisconsin Governor at the time.

  • In 2004, another of our inventions, the Vertical Fluid Recycler, (2 patents), was awarded the Wisconsin Governor’s New Product award and also chosen as First Place, Best of State.

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