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I love this photo of our work. We had many other photos showing our work in fancier venues. This one was taken at the manufacturing plant of one of our rough and tumble customers in the auto industry. We were awarded 2 different patents for this Vertical Separation System I'm standing with.

  • Fast Company Magazine awarded Rick Terrien one of its Fast 50 Leaders Award for 2004, leading one of the world's 50 most innovative companies.

  • Here’s what Fast Company magazine said about their Fast 50 Award winners... “The Fast 50 are the idea elite of business, individuals with the vision and personal commitment to propel their companies and industries into the future,” said Fast Company editor-in-chief John Byrne.

    “The Fast 50 is not just about the bigwigs or bottom line. It's a group of uncompromising leaders, tireless innovators, turnaround artists, truth-tellers, trendsetters -- readers who are fueled by courage, integrity, passion and a commitment to results.”

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